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To be peace or not to be

To be Peace or not to be

Nobody knows everything, more than one knows a lot. We send an invitation to friendly media with a hope to make a link and to share with you, our visitors what we find useful, valuable, and what might help us to change our way of thinking and adjust our myopic lenses to see better, wider, and further then in our routine daily life. We are warmly welcoming your suggestion for the media, websites, blogs that you know, and you would like to recommend. We are not expecting a quick miracle, no, we believe in small and constant steps in pursuit of our goals, sometimes going back to go forward. Millions of small dots make a picture and millions of small actions construct a path to a more safe, happy, and blossoming life.

One dot is lonely, two are a pair, and three a plural. Working to the same goal does not mean moving in the same direction at the same time, but at the end we will meet at the same point at approximately the same time (pay attention to approximation). We would like to thank all media that answered on our invitation – sharing and disseminating positive and integrative ideas is endless work.


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